About Goldhofer

Where German company Goldhofer began as a blacksmith's shop in 1705, it has since grown into a globally operating, major player in the field of exceptional transport. Based in Memmingen, Bavaria, the company develops and builds trailers, trailers and SPMTs for special transport in various industries. From compact loads to extremely long loads to heavy transport that can drive independently.

Goldhofer has a wide range of transport solutions. They include low loaders, semi low loaders and extendable trailers, as well as a newly launched very light trailer for special transport and solutions for transporting excessive sizes up to over 80 meters long. It is not surprising that Goldhofer is one of the biggest players in the field of special transport, also with unique vehicles that no one else has.

Goldhofer's exceptional vehicles move everything: no matter how long, how difficult or how complicated. That is Goldhofer's solution-oriented approach.

Partnership with Matrax

The Goldhofer brand also wants to have a point of contact within the Benelux for its customers. A point of contact with a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of special transport. In other words, a reliable, professional business partner who represents Goldhofer in the Benelux. And that is what Matrax is.
Like Goldhofer, we place great value on service and thinking in terms of solutions. We are the only company marketing Goldhofer's new products in the Benelux. And that is what makes the partnership between Goldhofer and Matrax so unique.


Goldhofer offerings

Matrax has a suitable Goldhofer for you within each category, from rental to new purchase. View our current stock offerings here. Would you like to purchase a new Goldhofer product via Matrax that we not keep in stock? Even in this case you have come to the right partner.


Please contact with us and check out here what Goldhofer has to offer you.